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If you don't like the idea of sitting at a desk all day why not work outdoors, with Summer fast approaching, NOW is the time to consider the latest opportunities available to you.

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The Bouncy Castle Hire Business is the ideal way to do this, to earn a great income working part-time hours.
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  •          very high earnings for part-time work
  •          work the hours to suit yourself
  •          excitement and terrific job satisfaction
  •          be your own boss and keep all the money you make
  •          be respected and even admired by friends and associates



There are few jobs nowadays which offer any excitement. Most are boring and routine. With the Bouncy Castle Hire Business everytime the phone rings you know you are £££'s better off, you get to meet new people on a daily basis and know that the more contacts you make the better your business will become.




 How much can you earn? This depends on the hours you work. Typically, however, the income is in the region of £25,000+ year + depending if you are working a few hours a week, part-time or full-time and how many bouncy castles you have.


Low Cost
The really great thing about this business is that you can start it at a very low cost. We know of many highly successful bouncy castle business owners who started their business from virtually nothing.             


Running your own business will gain you respect and admiration from your friends knowing you are pulling in loads of cash working for yourself.
Be your Own Boss
Yet another advantage of the Bouncy Castle Hire Business, you can work exactly the hours you want to. If you are not an early bird then you can select jobs which involve working later in the day and enjoy your beauty sleep, if you like getting up early you can get your castles out early in the morning and have the rest of day to play.
It’s up to you, you are in full control of your working life - perhaps for the first time ever?
You can work as many or as few hours as you wish.
In other words, when you are your own boss, you are working to make yourself financially secure, not someone else ( your boss) !
You will soon wonder how you ever managed to work for anyone else!
This really is quite an impressive list of reasons for becoming an your own boss. 

Money, respect, excitement, low outlay, hours to suit, full or part time, and the advantages of working for yourself and controlling your destiny.

Couple this with the fact that no formal qualifications are necessary and you really have a winning business.
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Our Ebook will offer you step-by-step methods, holding your hand all the way giving you all the information you will require to start your own lucrative business
We will share with you everything you need to start and be successful in your own bouncy castle business.
  • where to buy your castles at cheap prices
  •  How to look after your castles and keep them clean
  • Where to find your Customers
  • How to Keep your customers
  • How to choose your customers     
  • Where to do your advertising            
  • Posters
  • Ready made advertisments
  • How to answer your telephone to guarantee you get the booking
  • What to say
  • What not to say
  • How to increase your bookings
  • How to deal with them
  • How to avoid them
  • Insurance Companies
  •  Booking Forms
  • Business Cards
  • How much money can you expect to make
  • How to make more 
  • How many hours do you have to work
  • How to keep your business running during the Winter months
  • Simple ideas to keep your ahead of the competition
  • Other products you can add on to your stock to keep the money coming 
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Just look around, birthday parties, fetes, fundays, weddings, boot-markets, company family days, charity days, family events, social gatherings, the list is endless, every where you'll find a bouncy castle.

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The creator of this website has run his own successful Bouncy Castle Hire Business for 15 years and is still in operation. He started with one second-hand bouncy castle and now operates with over 20 and runs a very profitable successful business. He will share with you the inside knowledge of the Bouncy Castle Hire World.
This is solid information on how to get started from the beginning, taking you through all aspects of the business, making sure your business will be as successful as ours, with backup to help get you started.

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